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Meet Cabo Dolphins For A Splashing Good Time

If you're planning to visit Cabo San Lucas, you'll find plenty of activities come to mind. None of those activities can come close to the amazing adventure you'll have meeting local dolphins up close and personal. These animals are hands down the most playful, social, intelligent, and friendly marine creatures in the world. Thought to be the most highly evolved creatures living in the ocean, they are one of Earth's greatest sea treasures.If you'd like to have an up close encounter with real tropical water dolphins, it's easy when visiting this beautiful vacation destination. With several types of encounters available, you are sure to find the experience that will send you home with incredible memories. Whether you're 5 or 105, you can have a dream encounter in paradise. Meet New Friends At A Sanctuary If you're ready for your first experience with dolphins, the best place to begin is meeting them at a sanctuary. During a local sanctuary visit, you will meet a pod of trained Pacific bottlenose ones that love a...


Analyzing River Rapids For Safe Kayaking

Tony BrianFor kayaking in particular, you'd better have a basic understanding of nature's rules in the water. You'll want to know what you're in for when you look at a river and how to analyze the water before you ever set foot in it. Analyzing rapids could be the most important skill you learn besides paddling; it's good to know where to start. Before ever setting out you'll want to know a few basic facts about the river you're facing. Do a little research, know the area around the river and read any information from other kayakers of their experiences in that river. If there are any impasses that need to be circumvented, you'll want to know before you get there. Have the area mapped out first. Beyond simple research you can make some very important observations while you're out there that will help you to have a more enjoyable time. You should take note of the water speed and the current as well as the terrain around the river. If you are on a mountain you should expect steep drops and wild water, while v...


The Key To A Good Marine Twin Disc Transmission Is Selecting The Right Re-Manufacturer

Rebuilt twin disc transmissions can vary in quality and lifespan. Selecting the right re-manufacturer will help you get the most for your money when you buy a rebuilt transmission because you'll know they followed a set standard of procedures to ensure quality. This article will help you with a few tips in selecting that specialist.Up To Date MethodsThe techniques and materials that go into rebuilt twin disc transmissions change constantly as the re-manufacturer strives for more precise and efficient drive parts. Make sure your transmission specialist is up to date on the latest techniques like oil immersion bearing heating technology. They should also be up to date on all factory technical updates that apply to your rebuilt transmission.Not All Rebuilt Transmissions Are AlikeRebuilt twin disc transmissions can be very different from each other. Each brand has unique features and designs that sets it apart from the others. It's difficult for anyone to be a specialist on all brands so you'll want to find a dea...


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